West Park Raanana

The West Park is a fun filled place for all ages.

Follow the signs to explore park attractions.

There is a central skating rink.

Wide open space.

There is an elaborate play stracture that kids can roam.

Public art.

Public art.

Shaded outdoor fitness park.

Kids play structures are scattered around the park. There is sand and shade.

Tere are plants of places to just sit in the shade.

The east-west main path across the park.

Public restrooms.

The little zoo at the north side of the park has monkeys.

And an Emo.

And a stork.

Coffe shop and kiosk sells snacks an ice cream.

With plenty of place to sit.

Great lawn.

More public art.

The lake at the west side.

At the center if the park is a small area with kids rides (fee).

Friendship Park.

Skate Park.

Lots of public sport courts.

There is even a roller hockey rink.

A guides tour is available (fee).

Come visit!!!